Delta Rae Plays Eccles Center Tonight


Delta Rae is slated to rock The Eccles Center tonight, February 2. This sizzling and stunning, folk-rock sextet, which was recently named one of Forbes "30 Under 30," kicks off their Park City concert at 7:30 p.m.

Comprised of three siblings (Ian, Eric and Brittany Holljes), a childhood friend (Elizabeth Hopkins) and two newer-to the-fold musicians (drummer Mike McKee and bassist Grant Emerson, both of whom joined the band in 2010), Delta Rae has dazzled fans - and one of the world's most renowned record producers - with their unique brand of bluesy, soulful, rock-folk-Americana. The band's tight Fleetwood Mac-ish style is dominated by powerful vocalists. And those remarkable voices recently landed Hopkins and Brittany Holljes a part in Rolling Stone's "Women Who Rock" campaign.

Yet the band's talent doesn't end with lovely vocals. It also extends to spot-on and fresh musicianship and songwriting. According to the News & Observer, "The group's slick hooks and smooth vocal harmonies land somewhere between Mumford & Sons and the arena country of acts like Sugarland or Lady Antebellum - and Delta Rae would sound right at home sharing a bill with any of those."

Delta Rae launched into the industry spotlight thanks to a nod from Warner Bros. executive Seymour Stein (the same music industry mogul who helped discover Madonna and Talking Heads). With the label behind them - and some remarkable tunes, primarily penned by the Holljes brothers - Delta Rae released its much-touted album, entitled "Carry the Fire," last June. The band's smashing debut has made hits out of Delta Rae originals, such as the bluesy "Bottom of the River" and country-inflected "Morning Comes."

And in their live appearances, the energetic band isn't afraid to chat up the crowd and put on a thoroughly entertaining show.

"This concert will be nothing short of a rocking good time," says PCPAF director Teri Orr. "The secret is out about these young stars and we feel very lucky to welcome them to our stage."