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Daisy Fuentes & Richard Marx On Why They Don't Eat Fish on AWESOME VEGANS Podcast

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Daisy Fuentes & Richard Marx On Why They Don't Eat Fish on AWESOME VEGANS Podcast

In an intimate interview on the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series with Elysabeth Alfano, famed Rock Star Richard Marx and long-time Model and Business Woman Daisy Fuentes reveal in a moment of unguarded emotion why they don't eat fish.

Richard explains that after seeing the grief and cries coming from a pod of whales when their baby is stolen during the movie Blackfish, "My heart broke....and that was the moment I said, 'I'm done."

Daisy explains how on a family fishing trip she could visibily see the large Marlin her father was trying to catch fight for its life. As the struggle continued, more and more fish were jumping with the Marlin. She shares how she could see this "giant, beautiful Creature" wrestle for shi life as he got close to the boat. Teary-eyed and voice shaking, she continues, "I am getting emotional just talking about it...I went downstairs (in the boat) and bawled my eyes out. And that's when I realized, oh my God, we're doing it all wrong."

In the same interview, the couple, relaxed, unfiltered and hanging out with their rescue pittie, Bettie Davis, also discuss their personal discoveries on their road to veganism, tips for easing into going vegan, how to stay healthy and age backwards, their realization about what really happens in the food and fashion industries, their horror at being duped by same and their favorite junk food.

The Awesome Vegans Influencer Series airs at 1p weekly on the Jane UnChained News Network and is archived on and her Awesome Vegans Podcast. Other celebrities on the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series have been Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Moby, Kathy Freston, Ed Begley Jr., Chicago Bears Punter, Pat O'Donnell, Daniella Monet, Ethan Brown, John Salley and many more.

With 9 years in radio, TV, podcasting and print journalism, and winning awards for same, Elysabeth Alfano launched the Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series on WGN Radio. She is also a plant-based news, food and lifestyle expert on radio and TV stations around the nation. She had a recurring segment on WCPT Radio entitled, Food and Politics, reports for the #JaneUnChained Digital News Network and contributes periodically to NPR's KCRW (Los Angeles) as a plant-based reporter. Her weekly radio show, The Elysabeth Alfano Show, is the first mainstream plant-based radio show in the U.S. In March, she launched The Plantbased Business Hour, featuring the CEOs, leaders, innovators and investors building the plant-based market place.

Elysabeth has done plant-based cooking demonstrations on WCIU-TV, Good Morning LALALand and WGN-TV. She is one of the Executive Producers and a Featured Chef on the new Amazon Prime Cooking Series, New Day New Chef.

She is a public speaker at food festivals and summits on the physical, mental, business, political and environmental benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. For the full bio, click here.

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