Daddy Rocker Plays Gizzi's Tonight

Daddy Rocker Plays Gizzi's Tonight

Brooklyn native Tom Moran, aka Daddy Rocker, has not only embraced his own recovery from the despair of alcoholism but actively practices passing on the message through his music. His message is harmoniously evident in his new song and video simply entitled "Recovery."

Daddy Rocker will perform a special concert to celebrate the release of the single and video at Gizzi's tonight, November 27, 2012 from 8pm to 9pm. Gizzi's is located at 16 West 8th Street in New York City. To help support the needs of city recovering from Hurricane Sandy during the holiday season, Daddy Rocker will be donating all proceeds from the sale of his single to City Harvest.

Anyone who has felt the often short-lived yet joyfully intense pink cloud of recovery will immediately relate to the rapture that comes from escaping the death march of addiction. The only difference with Moran's pink cloud of joy is, after 22 years of sobriety, he lives it each and every day. This video shares the joy of recovery, featuring Daddy Rocker and his son along with his fiancée and her son accompanied by the gleefully jamming Brooklyn South Band with a serene sunset over the Coney Island shore. Yes, don't believe the rumors. The sunset on Coney Island can, in fact, be serene.

All this serenity didn't come without a hard price, however. Moran struggled for years with the demons of drink, which makes his message all that more powerful. He never forgets where he came from. Most importantly, he knows if he can live a life of recovery, so can others. And he's more than willing to help all those he can through his music.

New Yorkers may have seen Daddy Rocker at local concerts, including an annual Sept. 11 tribute, heard him perform live on NYC radio stations, or seen him cruising around town in his "Daddy Rocker" car, embellished with the moniker he chose in honor of his son. His mission is to pass on the possibility and joy of, you guessed it, recovery.

"It's the best thing that ever happened in my life, to not pick up a drink one day at a time," he says at the video's onset. "If I can help anybody through my songs, then that's great."

For learn more about Daddy Rocker and to listen to his music go to "Recovery" is available on CD Baby ( and the music video is on YouTube ( To learn more about City Harvest, visit