Cross My Heart Hope to Die Debut Self-Titled EP Today

Cross My Heart Hope to Die Debut Self-Titled EP Today

The multimedia music/art collective CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE-composed of founding member of the multi-platinum rap group Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins leader DJ Muggs, Andrew Kline, producer and founding member of the critically acclaimed hardcore band Strife, singer Brevi who has been featured on tracks alongside 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, and Xzibit, and the mastermind curator/hacker Sean Bonner-have today (April 2) released their self-titled debut EP on Alpha Pup Records.

CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE has chosen a new path to create something that is truly an experience. The project transcends all musical boundaries-the music exists as just one part of the bigger picture, ever evolving. The foundation of this art collective rests on the balance of each element: art, visuals, music and the live experience-each as important and on point as the other. The sound system is the spark caused by the collision of veteran producer DJ Muggs and fellow producer Andrew Kline. With trajectories launched from different musical backgrounds, they shared a love of dark, cinematic music. The sound is rounded out by the addition of the ethereal songstress, Brevi, who elevates the tracks with her sexy and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Sean Bonner adds an additional, indefinable piece to this artistic enigma. Sean is a curator, hacker and creative technologist with a history in both the fine art and music worlds, he adds an unpredictable element to an already amorphous group.

CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE is available now at iTunes:

The tracklisting for CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE is as follows:
1) Wild Side
2) Miracles
3) Lover
4) Roller Coasting

CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE will change your perceptions of art, and challenge your expectations of music. More than just a multimedia project, the interactive street art side of this project has been manifesting for almost a year. Unsuspecting pedestrians around the world have been enjoying and participating in this project-sometimes without even knowing it. Inconspicuous art installations and street music boxes have been hidden in such cities as Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Rome, Belfast, Prague, and Vienna. CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE wants to manipulate the way people find music, to bring back the thrill of discovery, something sorely needed in a digital age where we are constantly bombarded with aural stimulation. Upcoming gallery exhibitions and a series of videos shot all over the world make it obvious that CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE is much more than just another musical project. Their actual scope escapes clear definition.