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Brit Taylor Back With New Music Featuring Dee White

Taylor burst on the country music scene in June 2020 with the release of “Waking Up Ain’t Easy.” 

Brit Taylor Back With New Music Featuring Dee White

Crafted storyteller and rising country star Brit Taylor's newest single "At Least There's No Babies," being released June 4, celebrates a whirlwind year of success while providing the closing chapter for her debut album, Real Me. "At Least There's No Babies," featuring Dee White and echoing of a Tammy Wynette and George Jones' reincarnation, is a continuation of Taylor's musical journey through self-discovery and an exploration of her voyage in finding and learning to love her "real me." Taylor burst on the country music scene in June 2020 with the release of "Waking Up Ain't Easy" and followed it by three more critically acclaimed singles before Real Me hit the streets in November.

"Sometimes I just have to pinch myself to know all that has happened in the last 12 months is really real," Taylor said. "When you spend most of your life dreaming your dreams, it almost seems unreal when you start living them. Releasing 'At Least There's No Babies' is the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary of my first solo single."

"At Least There's No Babies" is one of three new singles from Real Me Deluxe, a new edition slated for release later on July 9, and the final chapter of Taylor's passage in Real Me.

"The album Real Me told my story, and it wasn't always easy to share it," Taylor said. "But I did and it was soul cleansing. I knew the story wouldn't be finished until 'At Least There's No Babies' was on the record and out into the world. It is the final chapter of the story. Its combination of humor and sadness meant I was ready to move forward and live my next story."

Taylor and White penned "At Least There's No Babies" while touring in late 2018 as the opening act for Ashley McBryde. Taylor had joined White, playing guitar and singing background vocals, not long after finally finding her career path after daring to find herself. She had endured a bumpy journey that included her marriage crashing, her band dissolving, her dog dying and her car stopping, all while she was walking away from her publishing deal and fighting the bank that threatened to take her home. And, as she battled depression, she endured a bunch of well-meaning friends and family telling her, "At least there's no babies."

"When Dan Auerbach called me for that tour with Dee, it was the light at the very end of a long dark tunnel," Taylor said. "I have to admit that I was unsure about writing 'At Least There's No Babies' with Dee at first because he is so young, but he's actually the one who pointed out the phrase when I half-heartedly muttered it in conversation. He said, 'There's our song!'"

"Babies" evokes the sounds and moods of George and Tammy in a modern, yet traditional lyrical dark comedy. Driven by the beat of the upright bass wrapped in a bow of verbed-out guitars, the brutally honest part-sarcasm, part-sincerity divorce song is like a sinking ship in the deep blue of country music.

"It was just proof that Dee is an old soul and one hell of a songwriter," Taylor said. "This song couldn't have been the same without him or maybe not a song at all. It was such a fun song to write - we tried to get the humor in there without sacrificing the cold dark truth about how hard ending a marriage is."

The song is a finale to Taylor's journey traced in her solo album, Real Me, with its tip-of-the-hat to traditional country while making the old completely new. With Taylor and White singing together about being alone, the song is the final chapter of her story.

The debut album, the deluxe album and her latest single are all produced by Grammy-award winning producer Dave Brainard.

Taylor captures life and pain with poetic ease and plain honesty. She writes and sings about what she lives, what she knows. Real Me and Real Me Deluxe - both are reminders that an album can tell a story - were mindfully crafted to capture Taylor's pure authenticity and her Eastern Kentucky roots. She redefines traditional country music by blending twangy guitars, crying steels, emotional lyrics and sultry vocals. Not afraid to be influenced by the past she loves and adapt it to the future she is, the albums - with influences from western swing and heart-tugging vocals, Bobby Gentry vibes, Loretta Lynn honky-tonk, Waylon and Willie waltzes and now George and Tammy classic duets - tell musical stories that manage to be dramatic, humorous, heartfelt and down-right honest.

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