Brett Cohen's 'Hotter Than Fire' Takes 2013 Song Of The Year

Brett Cohen's 'Hotter Than Fire' Takes 2013 Song Of The Year

In January, Brett Cohen's Fake Singer Pranks America ( went viral on YouTube, showcasing his successful parody on the music industry, and pop culture as whole. This was a follow-up to his Fake Celebrity stunt in Times Square, when one of the fooled New Yorkers thought that Cohen was a famous singer, and that's when Brett decided to turn a false theory into a reality. He had written, recorded, and performed "Hotter Than Fire," which has taken the music industry by storm in 2013. It is now being considered by many to be 2013 YouTube Song Of The Year, replacing Psy's Gangnam Style's 2012 phenomenon.

"Sure, we didn't quite get the views on 'Hotter Than Fire' that Gangnam Style had, but that was never the intention. My video is, quite possibly, the most artfully crafted satire on the modern state of music that has ever been done. I am a genius" said Cohen. "I worked with some of the best producers in the business, and the popularity of the song continues to grow. In my opinion, it's undoubtedly the catchiest and 'hottest' song released at any point in 2013. Maybe I'm biased" he continues.

The song was produced by the Grammy-nominated duo Mig & Rizzo (Steve Migliore and Mike Rizzo), who have previously collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Usher, and countless other chart-topping artists. Cohen found them after researching appropriate producers for the song. Mig & Rizzo jumped on board immediately, having already seen Brett's previous work, and saw the enormous potential of this project.

Cohen has not yet revealed the details of his next project, but has said that he has no plans to make more music in the immediate future. He has been in talks to get his own reality show on cable, but a deal has not yet been reached.

"Hotter Than Fire" is available for download on iTunes, and all digital music retailers.

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