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Bowen Releases New Single Titled 'Say My Name'

Bowen is set to release his latest EP titled "godspeed" soon this summer of 2021.

Bowen Releases New Single Titled 'Say My Name'

Written after a breakup, the song "Say My Name" describes the emotional tension that comes seemingly right after an end to a long-term relationship. Bowen executes this performance by giving us a song full of reverbed and layer vocals to a trap-influenced downtempo beat.

The melodic chord structures and psychedelic adlibs also add texture to the already vulnerable lyrics Bowen delivers. The lines Bowen sings describe emotions that express loss and fragility only found in heartbreak. The significance of how attached we are towards our ex-lovers become more aware when breakups do happen. The feeling of guilt can also be found in the song; Bowen is mindful of his mistakes and role in the relationship.

"You cherish memories babe, I'm meant to stick like rubber"

In the song, Bowen talks about parting ways but still crooning about the times that both he and his ex-lover had. The lyric shown above is an example of this because it ultimately shows that the memories made we're not supposed to be intentional. However, being caught up in the moment is dangerous because that is the most significant impact during a breakup: the feeling of despair when leaving something you thought was forever.

Bowen is a Chinese-American singer, songwriter, and producer native to Southwest Houston, TX, where he mainly creates Lo-Fi and Bedroom-Pop infused R&B music. Bowen began making music at the age of 14 with no music knowledge except basic piano skills. As he started adopting FL Studio, his transition from producer to songwriter came with his friends' help and involvement in the school choir. At 17, Bowen released his first official single titled "Mile," highlighting themes of loneliness and not knowing the place you hold in life. His second single, "Okay?" delved into themes of accepting yourself and not really caring about what others say. His third single, "Company," was released through the label Absent Mind Records and was featured on Complex UK. Finally, his single "Jewels on Fireflies'' was released shortly after his third single, focusing on a more independent approach and delving into a relationship & breakup's toxic fluctuation. Some of Bowen's influences include James Blake, Night Lovell, Tame Impala, and Kitaro. Bowen is set to release his latest EP titled "godspeed" soon this summer of 2021.

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