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Adam Brian Paul Shares Debut EP, 'Wait, The Path Never Ends?'

Adam Brian Paul Shares Debut EP, 'Wait, The Path Never Ends?'

adam brian paul sends wait, the path never ends? out into the world, the debut 5-track EP from creator Brian Yim. A culmination of two years of songwriting, the record marks a shift in a clear direction - an artist finding his path.

As a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for melody, Yim found this period of dedicated writing and recording to be prolific. He struck inspiration from his myriad of influences, from his dad's records of the Beatles and the Carpenters to his own CDs of 2000s pop punk and modern indie pop. While this EP only scrapes the surface of his library of songs, Yim's EP comes together in a way that feels both effortless and overwhelmingly satisfactory. When the record stops, you will be glad the path of adam brian paul isn't at its end.

adam brian paul, the artistic expression of Brian Yim, came into existence at a crossroads. Born out of Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Yim spent his first 26 years with no major qualms. With family and friends around him, success in school, and a steady job, he didn't anticipate needing to leave much of this routine behind -- until two years ago.

Somewhere along the way, the dream had gone overlooked. He soon fell into a shifted perspective and realized that music, something that had, over the years, become secondary to making a living, was consuming more and more of his headspace. So he started to write his own songs, and therein found a voice he recognized as his own, as well as a newfound sense of clarity.

Having found a place of belonging in songwriting, Yim now steps into the indie pop world as adam brian paul, a musical self-expression that is all at once easy, cool, and comfortable. Upon relocating to Montreal, he spent the past two years exploring the songs and sounds that have always drawn him in - music that could go unnoticed in the background but, on closer inspection, glimmers with thoughtfulness, not unlike its unassuming creator.

Yim writes about what comes naturally to him - mental health, empowerment, existentialism - and presents it in a package that is both digestible and vulnerable. Though his creative journey is often still clouded with doubt, adam brian paul is a brave leap towards self-discovery - a growing fire that only needs stoking.

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