Meet Brand Manager Miriam Lee Masciarelli of MASCIARELLI WINES

Meet Brand Manager Miriam Lee Masciarelli of MASCIARELLI WINES

Meet Brand Manager Miriam Lee Masciarelli of MASCIARELLI WINES

We recently met Miriam Lee Masciarelli, the Brand Manager of Masciarelli Teunte Agricole. We had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with her at Casa Nonna in Midtown Manhattan where we sampled fine Masciarelli wines and discussed Miriam's fascinating role in her family's business.

The Masciarelli Tenute Agricole estate was established in San Martino, Chieti Abruzzo in 1978 by Miriam's father, Gianni Masciarelli, who started producing wines in 1981. The area continued to expand to territories in all four provinces of Abruzzo, Chieti, Teramo, Pescara and L'Aquila, reaching 300 hectares of vineyards in 14 municipalities. Since its beginnings, they have focused on the native grapes varieties of Montepulciano, Trebbiano and Cerasuolo, which produce the estate's highly acclaimed wines.

Masciarelli experienced a turning point when Gianni met Marina Cvetic in 1987 and the couple married in 1989. Marina took over marketing duties and oversaw the vineyards, which played an important role in the company's success. Gianni dedicated one of his wine lines after his wife, the Marina Cvetic. As the eldest daughter of Gianni and Marina, Miriam Masciarelli has been exposed to the philosophy of wine since childhood and now speaks to the brand on a global scale.

Miriam's experience and education has contributed greatly to her success. During her high school years, she learned about the service industry by working in restaurants. After graduating in Economics and Management from Luiss University of Rome, Miriam worked in New York City for a wine import company and a public relations and communication agency that specializes in wines and beverages. Miriam is a very perceptive individual and has a vivacious personality. Her passion for the family business makes her an ideal match for the Brand Manager position.

We enjoyed lunch that featured Casa Nonna's delicious Italian fare and Miriam lent her expertise to perfectly pair each course with Masciarelli wines. We sampled wine selections that included Villa Gemma Bianco IGT Teatine, a wine to be drunk young, that pairs well with raw fish and fish based first courses. We also enjoyed "Marina Cvetic" Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC, a red wine from the line named for Miriam's mother, that pairs beautifully with barbequed meats.

It was a pleasure to learn about Miriam travels and chat about her rewarding career representing Masciarelli wines. And she revealed some exciting plans for the future. Miriam's next project is to oversee the wine production of the estate's Villa Gemma range, a project that will continue to produce top quality Masciarelli wines.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Miriam Lee Masciarelli


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