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Broadway Cast Members and Graduates 2020 Dance, Soar, and Exhale in the New Vintage Trouble Video

As phase one takes hold of the city and slowly changes towards a new normal, some feel motionless. A battle cry and a love letter, professional dancers from Broadway to the Graduating Class of 2020, find an outlet as they dance, soar, and exhale to the new single by Vintage Trouble.

Vintage Trouble's new single, Outside-In, Quarantine Session, is now a music video, directed and choreographed by Lorna Ventura.

Watch below:

Ty Taylor, band front-man, and Director/Choreographer Lorna Ventura are long-time friends and collaborators who shared a simple message at the start of the quarantine. The text message read:

Tues, 3/17 6:03 PM Lorna: Hi Baby, Thinking about you. Hope you are okay and safe in a SD environment. Love you so much. I look forward to the art you will make during this time. Xoxo

Tues, 3/17 6:37 PM Ty: You too And you too, re: the art.

This simple and sincere moment of connection during a time of isolation would foreshadow, Ty sharing the band's new song with Lorna later in May. "Our Face-Time call was pure joy, dancing and thrashing our bodies to the soulful track. Friends who can inspire you and lift you encourage you to do the same to others. I reached out to my community of friends and colleagues, and with open arms and hearts, they got on board and offered their talent and trust in me for this beautiful collaboration," said Ventura.

Ventura wanted to take a look at individual intimate experiences in isolation, revealing different perspectives and storylines, told through visceral movement and dance, ultimately finding a collective expression that comes through this stirring and powerful music video.

"The storylines represent a diverse experience during this shelter in place. These include the loss of loved ones, the strength of new mothers, graduates without a stage, individuals struggling with isolation and fathers with their sons in the current social climate: all stories that were important to me. I ultimately wanted to offer a collective expression of this moment in history, including the inner strength and resilience necessary, moving forward into our near futures", Lorna shared.

This expressive collaboration was created out of our lives interrupted. Our talent includes cast members of West Side Story, Hadestown, Jagged Little Pill, Wicked, and the graduates of Marymount College's Class of 2020. The performers, stunned from the closure of Broadway and the uncertainty of it reopening, paired with the graduate's concern of entering an unsettled industry, created a unique blend of talent desperate to dance, soar, and exhale to the sound of Vintage Trouble's new song Outside-in.

Cast in order of appearance:

Yesenia Ayala, Kei Tsuruharatani, Kenny Corrigan, Alexa De Barr, Yael Reich, Chuk Obasi, Ioana Alfonso, Mariah Reives, Cindy Reid, Alyssa Ness, Brooke Averi, Samantha Butts, Kara Menendez, Erica Misilo, Meghan Keeney, Kristen Grabbe, Nick Nazzaro, Abby Tatro, Claire Sersun, Hannah Grzymala, Lauren Villamana

Editor/Production Advisor- Jay Stern Director/Choreographer Lorna Ventura Vintage Trouble- Outside-In Quarantine Sessions

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