Lucille Frak Brings FRAKING TRIP to Long Island

Lucille Frak Brings FRAKING TRIP to Long Island

Fraking Trip is a brand new performance written, directed and choreographed by Lucile Frak Graciano, the 2017 winner of NY's Got Talent. The multimedia dance performance will be performed over four nights at the Elektra Theater. After winning the contest, the artist was given one month to produce the evening length show, which she did without outside funding and with the help of her cast, which is a loose collective of artist and performer friends based in New York City. The performance combines live DJ and musicians with hip hop dance, experimental movement and physical theatre.

Fraking Trip tells the story of a young woman with an active imagination setting off into the world on a journey of discovery and understanding. It a show made for everyone and combines dancing with live music and DJ performances.


My goal has always been to travel and learn. I want to understand other people and find the beauty in our differences, and the ways that we can all work together.

The Brexit, the Trump election, the rise of the National Front in France, the horrific rise to power of ISIS: I have been shocked and saddened to witness the rise of hate and fear. It is sad to see people in power use these emotions to benefit themselves rather than working heal a crisis.

After traveling to places such as Russia, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Norway; being raised in France and living in the US for 10 years, I have been inspired and sometimes appalled, by the people I have met and the artwork I have been able to create with them. The cast of Fraking Trip comes from everywhere, and instead of dividing us, our differences are our greatest strength.

Wherever I have traveled, as different and foreign as it was, I have ALWAYS left these places with hope and a heart overflowed with gratitude. I have been able to connect, teach, learn and grow. Maybe these interactions only make a small difference, but I hope they have a ripple effect. No matter where people live I can assure you everyone want the same things : Love, stability and health.

And that's what Fraking Trip is about.

On the first track of the show, I have gathered samples of people saying "I love you, I hate you " from 30 different countries. All from people I have connected with throughout my years of traveling and dancing, from family and loved ones.

It was quite unbelievable how similar they can sound. Throughout the piece I tried to portrait the importance of self love. Self love as in loving and respecting the human that you are, to then be able to respect other humans based on that same basic criteria : Humanity.

I wanted this show to be raw, accessible and genuine. Someone told me "the problem with your show is that it's too political'. I don't think I could have been fully honest if it wasn't. I wanted to educate, inspire or at least make people ask questions. All through art, visuals, music, and dance.

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