Comedian Don Barnhart Offers Online Coaching

Comedian Don Barnhart Offers Online Coaching

Using Skype, iChat and teleconferencing, award winning comedian and comedy coach Don Barnhart will begin offering online comedy classes to help create material, punch up your act, develop your voice and more.

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You no longer have to come to Las Vegas to work on you comedy as award winning comedian and comedy coach Don Barnhart now offers one-on-one coaching sessions online.

Barnhart is just finishing up his new book, Comedy 101 - The Art, Science and Business of Stand Up Comedy and stars in documentary, Finding The Funny where the explore the world of teaching comedy with interviews by Brad Garrett, Louie Anderson and many more.

Don is a professional, working comic with numerous TV/Film credits. He's a national headline act and regular at the top comedy clubs in Vegas and around the world. Barnhart emphasizes the importance of taking classes offered by those with a proven track record in the business and that actually do it for a living.

For years, Barnhart has been the premier comedy coach in Las Vegas and comedy consultant around the world. His classes range from: Stand Up Comedy, Writing, Improve, The Business of Comedy, Comedy Seminars, Humor in Business, Humor in the Workplace, Characters, Mentoring, Hypnosis Techniques for overcoming stage fright, achieving success and much more.

What sets Don apart from any other instructors is that Don continues one of the top headline comedians working today and his company, Don Barnhart Entertainment is also the premier booking agency for comedy shows around the world.

Barnhart also serves as one of the top comedy club consultants in the country and is currently involved with the opening and booking of several new comedy clubs throughout the United States as well as booking and producing shows for the military, special events and comedy concerts. Over the last 25 years, Barnhart has consulted on the opening, operations and marketing of numerous comedy clubs, cruise ships, concerts and comedy shows for the military.

Don can help jump-start your comedy career helping you find and develop your comedy character - the part of you that is uniquely funny. Don Barnhart's Stand Up Comedy Class doesn't promise to make you the next Seinfeld but he can help you become a much better stand up comedian or just become a funnier person in real life!

With the technology of online coaching, Barnhart has worked with clients from around the world by teaching them the fundamental skills, principles, and techniques used by himself and other top-working comedians.

Don's approach can cut years off your development as a stand-up comedian and comedy performer. " My goal is to help you find the funny within and bring that to the stage", added Barnhart. "If you're not getting paid, it's just a hobby!"

Each one-hour session is tailored to the individual and based on their needs. If you're already performing comedy, Don's experience will help you to fine tune your act and help get you to the next level. From creating new material to punching up your set, performance and technique, the business side of "Show Business", making money, marketing and promotion.

Sessions are arranged at your convenience, confidential and fun. Cost is $150 an hour payable by PayPal or credit card.

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