Shia Press to Release THE TRADER: MAN WITH NO FACE by R. K. Mann

A Patusian master trader on an intergalactic mission awakens to discover that his space vessel is missing and his eyes and ears are gone. Only gaping holes remain where his nose and mouth had been. In place of his main senses he has inexplicably gained the power of telepathy, which he must harness as his only defense against the ferocious and highly evolved aliens, the drogan Kin, who immediately begin hunting him for food.

Maranth, a stunningly beautiful young doctor, is briefed about the depravities of sex, violence and intoxication before she leaves her cultured home planet, Veddi, to begin practicing medicine at an off-world mine. But when savage Afthari raiders attack the mine and enslave Maranth, she finds herself in a world frighteningly different from the perfect, structured society in which she was raised.

Against all odds, the Trader finds his way to the Afthari raider camp and uses his newfound telepathy to communicate with Maranth, the only kind soul he encounters there. Together, they embark on a daring journey to return home.

Set in a tumultuous future, The Trader: Man with No Face (January 2015) is a thrilling space odyssey packed with page-turning action and romance that raises difficult questions about the nature of love, societal norms, environmental responsibility and identity.

About R.K. MANN

R. K. Mann began her work life as an economist, eventually morphing into a computer consultant in New York. Later, her hobby screenplay became Vestron's Backtrack (Catchfire), starring Jodie Foster and Dennis Hopper. She was Associate Producer of the comedy Round Numbers, starring Kate Mulgrew, Marty Ingles, and Samantha Eggar. She also co-wrote the novel, Catchfire, which was published in several languages.

A few years ago, R.K. Mann moved back to her native Florida. She is a lifelong sheller and a more recent kayaker.

The Trader: Man With No Face by R.K. Mann

January 2015

Shia Press LLC | Paperback | 310 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0-9915942-1-4

Talking Points

· Identity

To what extent does one's physical appearance and/or societal upbringing define one's sense of self? The Trader must reinvent how he presents himself to others when he is seen as a monster without a face. And Maranth must ask herself if she'll ever feel like she belongs again in the perfect society on Veddi after her prolonged exposure to the "depravities" of the outside world.

· "Perfect" Societies: Environmental Issues | Racial Tensions

In The Trader, there are two "perfect" societies, the Veddi and the drogan Kin. Each culture has eliminated social conflict as well as natural dangers. When they confront each other, each fails to adapt to change as their ability to do so has atrophied from simple lack of use. This leaves them on the brink of war and unthinkable destruction.

· Economics

The Trader's skill at making a smart deal is often the difference between life and death as he and Maranth fight to return home. R.K. Mann draws from her early career as an economist to paint a character who understands the necessary elements for a proper exchange.

· Romance

The Trader uses the term "brothers forged in fire" to describe the budding relationship and bond between himself and Maranth. Are the best romantic relationships born from a common struggle? Is there such a thing as a bond that can never be broken?

· Paranormal Aspects: Telepathy | Extended Lifetimes

R.K. Mann imagines a future in which telepathy is an evolved trait and our descendants have bioengineered a way drastically to extend their lifetimes as 20-something adults. The sequel to The Trader will continue to explore the benefits & consequences of such long lives in a social context.

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