New e-book, SON OF KENYA (OBAMA'S MOTHERLAND) Author Sees Injustices with Elections and Voting in Kenya, Africa

The author is inspired to write this new e-book of his American experience facing many unique types of discrimination in America, and then compares his African experience in Kenya under a dictatorship, where he witnessed that there were no free elections or free voting because assassination deaths awaited anyone not obeying the government.

This new e-book illustrates Kenyans, who voiced for free elections and democracy under a dictatorship while President Jomo Kenyatta (known and referred to in Kenya as "The Big Man") ruled Kenya. The author explores the assassinations of Tom Mboya, Barack Obama Sr., and many others

According to the e-book, the children at the Orphanage School taught the author about the Barack Obama legend (Son of Kenya) to help his rehabilitation and memory function again. The e-book explores the legacy of Tom Mboya, who the author feels was Africa's DR. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Mboya was gunned down at noon-time, downtown, in broad daylight, by an assassin wearing tribal Kikuyu attire.

According to the e-book, Mboya's faithful friend, Barack Obama Sr., was near the assassination and his honest testimony, what he had seen, at the trial hearings ended his political career. This caused several hit and run assassination attempts on his life. The author discusses the large cloud of suspicion around the hit and run accident, that finally killed him.

The author poses a number of questions: what did Obama see? Why did Obama's court testimony infuriate President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and get him fired? Who were the responsible person(s) for his assassination?

The author is now accepting "donations" helping Orphan Schools in Kenya, Africa. No contribution is too small or too big because the Orphanage needs clothes, books, supplies, food, and water. Please go to the web-site and make a contribution today.

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Please Contact Author, Sherman Turner at 1-716-842-1919

Additionally, Turner has authored the following e-books, listed below:

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