F. James Greco's First Novel, FALLING DOWN, Available Now

F. James Greco's First Novel, FALLING DOWN, Available Now

Nick Lanouette is a happily married, successful journalist whose investigative prowess leads him to question the tactics of San Diego's police department as they seek the identity of a serial killer who is killing and dumping the bodies of prostitutes. In this new novel, the negative attention cast upon the department stirs the ire of Lieutenant Robert Acevedo, a man with secrets and a directive to keep attention from the group of civic "leaders" who have a propensity for wild parties hosted by beautiful women paid for their services. In his eagerness to protect these leaders, Acevedo has pinned the crimes on lowlife Ricci Penn, a drug addict with a rap sheet and no defense.

While Nick is a great journalist, his personal life is becoming more complicated. Nick's deeply in love with his wife, but he has a craving for sex that goes beyond his marriage vows, a craving that borders on addiction. This lust leads him to become entangled with beautiful stripper Holly Damkot, The Common-law wife of Ricci Penn. Nick's deepening affection for Holly causes him to risk his career as well as his marriage, and when Holly is brutally murdered, Nick becomes a suspect in the very case he's been working. Can Nick exonerate himself and ensure that the real culprits are caught? Will Nick's career and marriage ever recover?

"Falling Down" is a thrill ride, with twists and turns as Nick finds himself drowning in his own passions and the ugly underworld of the powerful and elite. Nick Lanouette is a deeply flawed, utterly human character, and readers will find themselves pulling for his redemption as the story barrels to its riveting conclusion. Author F. James Greco has been a resident of southern California for more than four decades, and his personal knowledge of the city of San Diego lends a layer of authenticity to this gritty tale. This is Greco's first novel.
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Falling Down
F. James Greco
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-1454-8 296 pages $15.00 US

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