David Tognoni's 'Suffocated 2: The American War on Fathers and Family' Coming to Amazon

David Tognoni's 'Suffocated 2: The American War on Fathers and Family' Coming to Amazon

Dave Tognoni isn't done blowing the whistle on the seemingly inept and biased proceedings of the American family court system. His personal tragedy - the suffocation and near death of his toddler son Wes - was only the beginning of a long struggle that consumed all of his mental and financial resources. Nevertheless, Tognoni has persevered through custody battles, jail time and questions about his son's suffocation, and now he wants to set the record straight.

The first "Suffocated" novel, published in March 2012, set the stage: Wes Tognoni was apparently the victim of a terrible accident. His mother, Pat Tognoni , performed CPR, but the damage was done. With a profound brain injury caused by lack of oxygen, Wes remains confined to a wheelchair and requires continual medical attention. The accident was the last straw in Dave and Pat's marriage.

An unpleasant divorce proceeding soon followed, during which the couple's unfortunate children were used as pawns by their manipulative mother. Tognoni explains that he was victimized, by both his wife and the courts, and even spent time in jail. The divorce led to financial ruin and a sense of despair. Tognoni's accidental discovery of factitious disorder, also known as Munchausen by proxy, led him to re-evaluate his son's injury. His years-long fight with his ex-wife and the judicial system, meanwhile, provided all the material necessary for the publication of his first book.

"Suffocated 2" delves into the events surrounding Wes Tognoni 's suffocation. The author believes that Munchausen by proxy (MBP) fully explains what happened to his son. He describes how his ex-wife quite perfectly fits the profile of a person capable of MBP. Furthermore, in the vast majority of cases, the perpetrators of MBP abuse are seemingly doting mothers. Both books in the "Suffocated" series are must-reads for anyone who works with children and families. Counselors, psychiatrists, social workers and parents should all be aware of the existence of MBP and know the warning signs.

A professional engineer by trade, Tognoni knows how to sift through a quantity of information and separate the most relevant facts. Whereas "Suffocated" emphasized court proceedings, "Suffocated 2" will focus on the medical and circumstantial facts that let to Wes's dreadful accident. Through careful reconstructions and examination of available data, he intends to present a plausible scenario for what actually happened to his young son. Tognoni hopes that his investigations and revelations will prevent this tragedy from befalling anyone else.

"Suffocated 2" will be for sale on Amazon.com and other channels. Learn more about the first book in the series at www.suffocated1.com.


About the Author:

David Tognoni is a professional geological engineer who has spent the past four decades working on natural resource exploration projects in the United States. From 2007 to 2011, he served as the president and CEO of BE Resources, Inc. Between him and his loving wife Linda, they have six children and nine grandchildren. In March 2012, he published the first of two "Suffocated" books.