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11/11/2014 - 11/15/2014
BAM Harvey Theater
651 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY NY 11217
$14.00 - $40.00
Phone: 718.636.4100
Running Time: Approx 1hr 20min

Basetrack in Brooklyn

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In 2010, while embedded with the First Battalion, Eighth Marines in southern Afghanistan, a group of photojournalists led by Teru Kuwayama started a revolutionary online project called Basetrack. Connecting battalion members with their families and others around the globe, the web platform became an indispensable tool of citizen journalism, documenting a range of perspectives on the emotional tolls of war[1].

Inspired by Kuwayama’s project, Basetrack makes its way to the stage. Developed by Edward Bilous and directed by Seth Bockley, this multimedia work features stunning images and video footage from the Basetrack archives. Accompanied by Michelle DiBucci’s electro-acoustic score, actors and a band on stage give voice to the Marines and their families—based on interviews adapted by Jason Grote—offering a powerful look at our nation’s lon

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