Shakespeare & Company Announces The Return Of Martha Mitchell Calling

Featuring Award-winning Actor Annette Miller

By: Oct. 22, 2020

Shakespeare & Company has announced the return of Martha Mitchell Calling by Jodi Rothe featuring critically acclaimed Annette Miller. This special 4-day only, new virtual adaptation is directed by filmmaker Mark Farrell, and runs October 28 - November 1, 2020. The riveting dark comedy re-examines the life and legacy of the flamboyant, and often outrageous, Martha Mitchell, who ultimately played the pivotal role in the downfall of Nixon's Presidency, after discovering the Watergate conspiracy.

"We are thrilled to be able to revive Jodi Rothe's wonderfully biting and timely piece at this critical point in history," said Artistic Director Allyn Burrows. "We look forward to seeing people again in person here at Shakespeare & Company, but for now we're embracing different platforms and are happy to bring Annette Miller back in a signature role for her."

Shakespeare & Company originally premiered Martha Mitchell Calling which played to rave reviews in its 2006 season (also featuring Miller) when it was selected as one of ten best regional plays by The Boston Globe. This new 60-minute film adaptation will be broadcast on the Vimeo platform, and features Elliot Norton, IRNE and Berkie Award-winning actor Miller as Martha Mitchell and Kale Browne, well-known television, film and stage actor as John Mitchell. Directed by Farrell, and produced by Shakespeare & Company's Elizabeth Aspenlieder, the piece was shot on location at Ventfort Hall in the Berkshires with costumes by Govane Lohbauer and technical support by Kevin Harvell.

Join Shakespeare & Company 'virtually' as Martha transports us to the era of the secrets of H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and her husband, Attorney General John Mitchell, who subverted the law and put American liberty in jeopardy. Witness the truth as seen through Martha's eyes and told through the voice of the woman who blew the whistle on the conspiracies going on in the shadows of the Nixon White House. Is today yesterday?

"For me, the silver lining around these very difficult times we're in is that all the molds have been broken. It's an opportunity to reimagine so many things," said Farrell. "This is our take on what the theater experience can look like from our homes. I'm so thankful to Shakespeare & Company for allowing us the freedom to share it with you."

"'Point your finger at that Madman in the Whitehouse' with these words Martha Mitchell is calling all of us to action now in 2020 more than when I first created her in 2006," said Miller. "She predicted 'One day y'all will ask where is Martha now, now that we need her?' Thank you Shakespeare & Company for giving me the opportunity to speak her truth to power in this new virtual production."

Portrayed with humor, candor and disarming pathos, this riveting work re-examines the life and legacy of Martha Mitchell. A southern debutante who dreamt of fame, her marriage to John Mitchell was a love story come true -- until she was forced to choose between patriotism and personal happiness. The personal cost was tragic and she faded away to a forgotten end.

"It's exciting to be able to produce our work in this way, from live to tape for Martha Mitchell Calling. No easy feat during a pandemic,"said Aspenlieder, "but by following extremely strict and thorough COVID-19 safety guidelines from the Screen Actors Guild, and with the support from State Representative Smitty Pignatelli and Berkshire Health Systems, we've all remained safe and COVID-free, while creating art at the same time!"

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Additionally, after the performance on Sunday, November 1, at 8:30pm, Shakespeare & Company hosts a special talk back, via Webinar Jam, featuring filmmaker Mark Farrell, producer Elizabeth Aspenlieder, actress Annette Miller, and playwright Jodi Rothe. Allyn Burrows hosts, and all are welcomed to join the conversation. Registration for the talkback is required, visit for more information.