Openings of the Closed: NOSFERATU, THE VAMPYR at Sparkhaven Theatre

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Openings of the Closed: NOSFERATU, THE VAMPYR at Sparkhaven Theatre

This article is the second entry in a series that celebrates some of Boston's closed or postponed performances. Read more about this series here.

A description of the opening moments of Nosferatu, The Vampyr by M Sloth Levine, submitted by director, Hannah Pryfogle:

A muslin curtain hides the stage, what world could be living behind it? The audience is isolated from each other - two chairs here, three over there, a single person sits in the corner. Is that a coffin in the corner? Without any warning, a blackout occurs. A video begins to play, featuring scenes from the original 1922 film. And we hear:

Well it's Halloween again

And LA is a bore

We see two figures appear in shadow in profile, they snap to the music.

Everybody lookin like they wished they'd stayed inside

And now we're watching Frankenstein

Another figure - much taller. Sitting behind a bulky object. They bask in the music.

On their beds and on their phones

Not me baby, tonight I'm really living

The curtain opens to reveal Count Orlock - The Nosferatu - lip syncing to the tune and crafting a letter on their typewriter. They are coaxing a certain real estate agency to sell them a house. That's all. Right?

I'm a vampire again.

And I'm coming for you.

And they will. Eventually.

Check out Nosferatu and other plays by M Sloth Levine on their New Play Exchange page here.

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