Dramatis Personae - by Don Nigro

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Dramatis Personae by Don Nigro Buy Dramatis Personae on Amazon

Drama, Full Length / 4m, 7f. In April of 1946 the elderly Alison Armitage is sitting by her window. She is certain the young man she sees leaning against his black Chevy at the end of the lane is Death and that he has come for her. What is left of the Pendragon family is waiting downstairs to see her, but she refuses to let them in. As they wait they are forced to speak to each other for the first time in years, confronting some longstanding grudges and considering some looming dilemmas. Featuring characters from several other installments in the author's cycle of Pendragon Plays, Dramatis Personae offers fascinating insights into this complex and compelling family. This play is part of the author's series Pendragon Plays.

Available On:
Dramatis Personae on Paperback Dramatis Personae on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2003

Buy Dramatis Personae on Amazon Buy Dramatis Personae on iTunes



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