Abduction, The - by Billy St. John

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Thriller 5m, 2f Interior What begins as a pleasant anniversary dinner for novelist Allen Grant, his wife Sheila and her daughter Cindy ends in terror when Cindy is forced off the road and abducted while driving back to college during a thunderstorm. Cindy and the icily determined kidnapper both speak with Allen and Sheila during the abduction via cell phones, the horrifying voice of the abductor coming through their speaker phone eerily distorted by a synthesizer. Tension mounts as Allen tries to raise the demanded ransom by the kidnapper's deadline. Cindy's boyfriend searches for clues to her whereabouts and Shelia, who never fully recovered from the tragic accident that killed her first husband, Cindy's father, totters on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Unrelenting phone calls and a horrifying "souvenir" from the abductor push this thriller to a shattering climax.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1997

Buy Abduction, The on Amazon Buy Abduction, The on iTunes



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