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Rupert Goold's SIX CHARACTERS...

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Broadway Legend
Rupert Goold's SIX CHARACTERS... #1
Posted: 7/10/08 at 2:42pm
Now THIS is a production I wish would come stateside.

Rupert Goold and Ben Power's adaptation and updated version of Pirandello's SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR, featuring Ian McDiarmid.

From the Telegraph's review of the Chichester Festival production:

"In the original drama, a group of actors are rehearsing one of Pirandello's earlier plays when the six characters, conjured in an author's head without ever reaching fruition on the page, invade the theatre and beg for their desperately unhappy family story to be told.

At Chichester, however, we are in the production office of a film co-operative that is attempting to make a docu-drama about a desperately ill 14-year-old boy preparing to undergo euthanasia in a clinic in Denmark. Unfortunately for the producer, the boy's family are denying access and a visiting TV executive is highly sceptical about the film's chances, especially in the current climate of scepticism about dodgy documentary techniques. So when Pirandello's unhappy family turn up and ask the producer to tell their story, she thinks she has little to lose by giving it a shot."

There are more spoilers in this, the Variety reviews.
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re: Rupert Goold's SIX CHARACTERS... #2
Posted: 7/10/08 at 2:44pm
I am SO going to see this. Stalking the Histories ensemble is totally going to take me to so many plays I might not ordinarily expend the effort for. Good to hear it's going well though. I like Rupert Goold. :3