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Xanadu - 05/17

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Xanadu - 05/17#1
Posted: 5/18/08 at 9:37am
What can I say about Xanadu that has not already been said? Probably nothing.

A great cast, clever staging and funny book - what more could you want in a show? Oh I know... "Roller skates and leg warmers!!!!"

Cheyenne Jackson was dreamy, Kerry Butler an absolute delight and the rest of the cast matched them. I do think that Cheyenne was every bit as good as Kerry Butler and I wish he had received a Tony nod.

I loved the mural/mirror effect during the show and the brilliant costumes in the Zeus scene (Julie Taymor anyone lol?)

There were sound problems last night. Sitting in the first few rows is sometimes risky I find as you can hear the singers through the speakers and their natural projection and sometimes the balance is hard to get right. They didn't get it right last night - some of Kerry's lines were lost. This is a really minor quibble however.

The cast recording does not do this show justice - Butler sounds 100 times better live.

Stage door was fun and I said my broadest 'G'day Mate' to Kerry Butler and she laughed. A few of them said it was good to have a real Aussie in the audience.

Cheyenne also started to sign my Cry Baby playbill as well until I said 'Oh that one is my Cry Baby playbill'. He apologized profusely but I found it funny. I now have 'Cheyenne' on my Cry Baby cover as well. I should have let him sign his name in full but I felt bad for him. That might have been a collectors item!

All in all, loads of fun.

4.5 stars
'Downtown Elaiggghhhy?'
Updated On: 5/18/08 at 09:37 AM
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re: Xanadu - 05/17#2
Posted: 5/18/08 at 9:52am
I thought I was the only one that noticed the audio problems last night !! I thought it was just Kerry's mic, but then realized it was a sound problem.

Agree... just a minor glitch ! Great crowd last night !