Have you ever forgotten to go to a show you had tickets for

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I mean actual forgotting, not just deciding not to go.

I did and it was embarrassing (and worse still my friend I was going with, who is just as big a theatre freak as me forgot as well).

Basically the problem was booking tickets way way in advance (an issue of being where I am - you tend to be influenced to book early - basically when tickets are released - often 4-5 months before the actual show).

My problem was we booked a Sunday performance and it was the only day of the week where the show was on at 3pm and not at its normal 7.30-8pm start. Of course I texted her at like 4.30 enquiring about the show (at least I remembered the actual day if not the times!) and we both basically collectively hit our own heads in our stupidity (naturally assuming the show would be evening instead of mid-afternoon - only because we only ever usually do evening performances when we book that far in advanced).

It was embarassing to be assured. Granted neither of us had that great of high hopes for it (It was a production of 'Guys & Dolls' with way to many television celebrities in the cast for our liking - including two actresses playing Sarah & Adelaide neither of us can stand).

Still it was pretty embarrassing when we end up donating money to the theatre that way... Have you ever forgotten to go to a show you had tickets for