thoughts on "Easter Parade"

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thoughts on "Easter Parade"#1
Posted: 3/23/08 at 11:41pm
i have never seen this movie before, don't know why, but it was a lot better than i thought it would be - a nice little "my fair lady"-esque dancing story bookended by easter.

some thoughts on the flick:

1) with "white christmas" - it seems that this would make a great stage production (great numbers "steppin out with my baby", "a couple of swells", "easter parade")

2) judy was great in this - gene kelly would have been good (he was originally cast) but astaire was okay

3) ann miller can dance the heck out this character, but she can't play bitchy at all - but she looked fabulous

4) peter lawford - HAWT!!!!!

5) clinton sundberg as mike the bartender and jules munshin as francois the waiter were great in their supporting roles - jules' "francois' salad" cracked me up
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