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Jericho axed

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Jericho axed#1
Posted: 3/22/08 at 8:21am
Grrrrrrrr as a UK viewer can i just say how bloody frustrating it is that everything we got from the US and get in to gets canceled *wipes tears*

Bionic Woman has had HUGE ratings here and has gone, Las Vegas has gone, Jericho has gone etc

Is there anything left on american TV lol
Namo i love u but we get it don't like Madonna
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re: Jericho axed#2
Posted: 3/22/08 at 9:33am
Have you guys gotten into "Lost" yet? You'll have that until 2010.
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re: Jericho axed#2
Posted: 3/22/08 at 9:37am
We're just weeks behind in LOST. I was into it, but two seasons were enough for me.
The rain we knew is a thing of the past -
deep-delving, dark, deliberate you would say
browsing on spire and bogland; but today
our sky-blue slates are steaming in the sun,
our yachts tinkling and dancing in the bay
like racehorses. We contemplate at last
shining windows, a future forbidden to no one.

Derek Mahon

"Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets."

Arthur Miller
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re: Jericho axed#3
Posted: 3/22/08 at 1:43pm
I saw the first episode of JERICHO and was completely bored by it, never cared to tune in again. I do find it impressive that the fans loved it so much that they kept it from getting canceled. I've yet to meet someone that watches this show though.
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