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5 Favorite Grammy Moments

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5 Favorite Grammy Moments#1
Posted: 2/11/08 at 9:13pm
Here's mine:

1. Kanye West singing to his mother. Say what you will about his personality, but this is one amazing performer. I thought this song was a very gutsy thing for him to do.
2. "Rhapsody in Blue." A masterpiece that rarely is played in its entirety on network TV. It still gives me chills.
3. TINA--wow, does she ever epitomize a "performer." Love her.
4. Amy Winehouse. I think she sounded fantastic. I can't wait to hear what she'll do next (music-wise I mean).
5. tie: Carrie Underwood--I just love the quality of her voice. I don't mind country, but i would really like to see her stretch out and try other genres.
5. Foo Fighters--what a great ROCK band, with absolutely no pretense, and no frills.
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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#2
Posted: 2/11/08 at 9:53pm
5. Groban / Bocelli - i know most didnt enjoy it, but i did.
4. Foo Fighters
3. Amy Winehouse - what can i say? she's just brilliant and i hope she's on her way to recovery.
2. Alicia Keys - "No One" - she's just simply brilliant in every way.
1. Tina Turner - this woman is just a few years younger than my grandmother and she still managed to upstage beyonce and put every 20 year old chick to shame... a true icon.
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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#2
Posted: 2/11/08 at 10:20pm
I mean, besides the point that I had my tv on mute while he performed, who does kenya west he think he is, telling them that "it would be wise to stop playin the music" while he was talking on and on.Was that a threat? I was wishing they would keep playing it, but when they did stop, the guy had nothing to say. He made something up on the spot.

I thought this was the most hideous moment of the night.

1. Prince coming out to present
2.Cyndi Lauper coming out to present
3.Tina Turner performing
4. Rhapsody in Blue
5.Little Richard

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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#3
Posted: 2/11/08 at 10:31pm
1. Amy Winehouse
2. Kanye West
3. Alicia Keys/John Mayer
4. Tina Turner/Beyonce
5. Little Richard
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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#4
Posted: 2/11/08 at 10:34pm
1. When Vince Gill accepted his award from Ringo Starr, and went on about how cool it was to get an award from a Beatle. And then he turned to Kanye and said: "Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?"


That's my one and only top moment.

If you missed it, check out the link:

Vince disses Kanye
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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#5
Posted: 2/11/08 at 10:47pm
Vince Gill putting Kanye loser in his place.
Definitely Groban an Bocelli.
Tina Turner as usual.
And Keys surprised me for once. Not her usual drab performance.
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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#6
Posted: 2/12/08 at 10:17am
5. Carrie Underwood
4. Alicia Keys and Frank Sinatra
3. Kanye's "Hey Mama"
2. Tina Turner and Beyonce
1. Amy Winehouse
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re: 5 Favorite Grammy Moments#7
Posted: 2/12/08 at 10:18am
1) Tina
2) Everything else
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