Dr. Phil Big fat liar!

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Broadway Legend
Dr. Phil Big fat liar!#1
Posted: 1/6/08 at 10:25pm
Apparently Dr. Phil lied about his meeting with Britney. He claimed he was welcomed by her and met for an hour and walked her to the car. According to hospital staff she didn't know he was coming, her parents of course invited him. They said Britney was upset and walked out of room, later came back but Dr. phil was only there for about 15 minutes and he walked behind Britney, not with her. The hospital said they doubt she was even aware he was behind her. Real Psychologists are blasting Dr. Phil for trying to make a buck of a very sick person.her parents should be ashamed if they really agreed to go on his show to further exploit their daughter. I am suprised the hospital let someone who is not her doctor or an employee of the hospital in to see her. I guess he used his so called celebrity and her parents pushed for it.