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North Carolina Drought Declared Worst In State's History

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I attend a college in NC and even though we are on Winter Break between semesters, rumors are abound that we will not be returning to school...

There is speculation that our school (a private college) would have to send students home if the drought continues to worsen into February. I'm not certain as to why classes wouldn't be allowed to resume, but seeing as this is my senior year, the thought it scary.

When school was still in session last semester, there were rumors that they would be turning off the hot water during certain hours of the day to encourage shorter showers. Also that they would be turning off water altogether during certain hours.

We're doing rain dances down here in the south. Let's get some water falling!
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I drove through north Georgia and Alabama recently and saw lakes that were incredibly low on water and ponds that were completely dry. I've been living in south Georgia (Savannah) and it hasn't been as bad as that there. I did not know North Carolina was in such trouble.
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Perhaps I'm becoming dyslexic, but I originally read the title of this thread as "North Carolina declared worst state in history".
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wow, living in a desert I rarely think of water issues, as we get, at most, maybe 4 days of rain a year......yet always have water......
I'll do my rain dance for you capn.
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