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I'll never understand school budgeting....but it got me an ipod!

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So..I casually mention in a faculty meeting that since I don't really have my own room this year, an ipod would come in handy instead of lugging all the CDs with me. Our music curriculum has CDs that go with the textbooks, and there are approximately 10 CDs for each of the 6 grade levels. Plus, I'm constantly supplementing with other CDs of various kinds....

This morning I go to my mailbox...and what's sitting there....a brand new, still sealed, 160 GB ipod Classic! It's so pretty and shiny!

Now....I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I'm truly not.....but while this ipod is great, it's not a necessity. The $350 spent on it could be put to better use to order sheet music, or a new flute, or even a visiting artist......BUT this came out of the technology budget, and right now, if it has a computer attached to it, we'll spend the money for it. But hey....if that technology monety is going to get me fancy new toys....I'll take it!
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Funnily enough my step-mom just took a podcasting course (that the school where she teaches paid for) and she got a free iPod too :)
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?
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That's awesome Wendy! My school is like that too - if it involves technology, it MUST be for the good.
Hi, Shirley Temple Pudding.