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what a depressing summer

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what a depressing summer#1
Posted: 8/25/07 at 12:09am
it seems like every other week they say on the news about another teenager from hartford county dying.
i dont ever remember a summer where so many teens from around here have died...
3 kids in a car accident, 2 kids in a shooting, another kid crashed his car outside the mall, and today 4 kids all from different towns were in a car together, they were hit by another car and all 4 of them died.

an that's just what they reported on the news... i know there was another death of a girl who died from a medical condition.

why do all those things happen at once?
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re: what a depressing summer#2
Posted: 8/25/07 at 12:22am
Abba, it must be the saddest news of learning about death. Do not let it get you down! Keep your head up and think about the good things in your life.
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re: what a depressing summer#2
Posted: 8/25/07 at 1:14am
Oh, Abba I am very sorry to hear about all the losses. But you know, it's weird, here in my NJ area, well, it's not that the kids are dying at a rate that is higher than usual, but EVERYONE is being caught on some extremely serious charges. Drugs, rape, attempted suicide. And in my friend's area on Connecticut, drunk driving has risen this summer. My other friend in Maine has been seeing a rise in very serious drug cases as well.

It's so strange to look at my friends and the kids I go to school with, or have gone to school with, and think that it could have been them that got in trouble this summe, or maybe they will next summer, or hell, even this YEAR.

Odd things are happening. re: what a depressing summer
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re: what a depressing summer#3
Posted: 8/25/07 at 1:15am
brd is right abba, try not to dwell on it all or you'll go mental.
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re: what a depressing summer#4
Posted: 8/25/07 at 4:24am
People need to stop driving. It's such a joke.
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re: what a depressing summer#5
Posted: 8/25/07 at 8:27am
One of the girls who died last week in the 4-kid accident was a friend of a friend. I know how you feel. It's awful.
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re: what a depressing summer#6
Posted: 8/25/07 at 8:38am
There were quite a few driving related teen deaths earlier this summer here in NJ.

What's depressing to me this summer is the amount of violence going on. With the murders of the family in Connecticut, plus the murders of the college students in Newark a few weeks back, it's getting to the point where sometimes I'm afraid to leave my house after dark. I just found out yesterday that two blocks from my house, a riot took place when two police officers tried to pull over a speeding vehicle. Residents of a few houses in the area came out and attacked the police, threatening to shoot them and making anti-white slurs, plus they kicked them and damaged their car, ending up with five arrests.

What is this world coming to?