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Next Stop: Walt Disney 42nd Street?

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Next Stop: Walt Disney 42nd Street?#1
Posted: 7/27/07 at 9:15pm
In yesterdays NY Sun.

The MTA announced yesterday that it would seek to bring in an additional $325 million a year through increased subway and bus fares and bridge and tunnel tolls beginning in 2008 to help close a projected budget gap of $1.8 billion in 2010

Rather than raise subway fares, "I would rather try to sell 42nd Street's subway system underground to Disney for $60 million a year and have them paint it any way that they want to paint it," Mr. Seabrook, president of the city's Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, said at yesterday's board meeting. Trains could be painted with "Lion King" murals or decorated with Yankees insignia for the World Series and bring in tens of millions of dollars a year, he told The New York Sun. A spokesman for the agency declined to comment on Mr. Seabrook's proposal.
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re: Next Stop: Walt Disney 42nd Street?#2
Posted: 7/28/07 at 7:14am
The METRO system in Washington is doing this now. I've got to admit that the painted trains are absolutely UGLY (to me anyway) but if it holds back fare increases, I'm for it.
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re: Next Stop: Walt Disney 42nd Street?#2
Posted: 7/28/07 at 7:37am
I've never quite understood the apparently voodoo ecomonics that can look at a transit system that gets more and more riders simply because the population of NYC and the surrounding areas are always increasing and *still* thinks it's not making enough money.