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Production Update

Posted: 1/8/07 at 10:08pm
What are the big issues with the Title Number?
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Production Update

Posted: 1/9/07 at 10:59pm

Updated On: 1/9/07 at 10:59 PM
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Production Update

Posted: 1/21/07 at 3:33am
Can I just say how much I loved Beth Malone's voice, especially in The Life I Led....I'm like....must have sheet music to! Hehe! I think the show is really cute and maintains the silly, cute essence of the movie. It does need to be tweaked. I really hated Dress to Kill, but I did like 'Lady in the Long Black Dress' those 3 guys sounded amazing together and I just love all the 70's references. I think it does need to be recast some, but I would def keep Beth Malone if possible, and the girl who play Mary Lazarus and Kathy Najimy's character. They were both hysterical. All of the nuns were great! I like most of the songs (mainly bc I love Menken) but there are a few songs in the score where I'm like "what?!" But I do love Eddie's song, "I Could be That Guy" it was so precious and the costume change effect in that was pretty darn cool. I think it could definetly be on Broadway and I would totally see it again! Like I said, the script needs to be tweaked better. I do think the flow of the show is pretty fast...which is great! The opening definetely needs to be reworked some! As for Dawnn Lewis, I have to admit she kinda got on my nerves at first. She was waaay too over the top and it was unnecessary at times. However on her defense, I think it's the way the character is written and the direction she was given. She did have some very nice moments at times and she sounded pretty awesome I think. I can't wait to see the finished product of this. I was smiling, laughing and having a good time overall! I think it's heading in a very good direction. Overall...very well done!
PS Did anyone hear some hints of Menken's past work in the overall score like Little Shop and Hercules? I just thought it was kinda neat. Production Update
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