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Member Name: Bwaybaby109
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Gender: Female
Occupation: student/starving artist
Profile: 20/f from GA, majoring in musical theatre with hopes to be on Broadway someday...or SNL, something cool like that!

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re: 'Gold' from Wildhorn's Camille Claudel  Mar 5 2009, 11:27:39 AM
Mister Matt, thank you, that is exactly how I feel when choosing audition pieces. And this is for a cattle call, so it's not like Im auditioning for a specific show. Thanks.

EDIT: My best friend was told to never sing "Anthem" for an audition. He did it anyway. He blew all the casting directors out of the water and he got a TON of call backs and has had amazing jobs since then. It goes to show that it can pay off when you follow your own instinct.

re: 'Gold' from Wildhorn's Camille Claudel  Mar 4 2009, 10:27:19 PM
Wow that is very tragic. I will def try and find the movie but all your info was most helpful. Thank you SO much for the info on the song. It really helps for me to understand her character now. Thanks again.

Yes I know it's Wildhorn...but no one EVER does this song! It's one thing if I did Someone Like You, but I would never sing that. This one is hardly ever done for an audition for some reason. I've asked everyone, even profesional theatre directors from the past if they had he

"Gold" from Wildhorn's Camille Claudel  Mar 4 2009, 08:46:57 PM
Hello thespians!

I'm singing the beautiful song "Gold" from the Linda Eder Broadway My Way for an audition and I need to know a thorough plot and story to the musical. I've researched on many websites but still can't find a specific synopsis for the show. I do know she is a sculptor who had an affair with her mentor and realized they couldn't love each other because they were "competition" But thats all the info I can find. I just want to know why Camille sings the Gold, what is the mo

re: Inspirational Broadway Songs  Apr 16 2007, 12:48:50 AM
Hold On from The Secret Garden is one.

re: Mrs. Winterbourne  Feb 2 2007, 11:36:12 AM
I know! It's such a cute movie!

Mrs. Winterbourne  Jan 31 2007, 10:09:55 AM
Does anyone remember this movie? I was watching it the other day and I think it would be a fantastic movie!!! Another Ricki Lake movie turned into a musical I know, but it would be so cute, fun! When I watched the movie the other day, I thought of many possible places to insert a song at and it would work greatly. Plus she and Shirley MacClaine's character sing 'Sunny Side of the Street' and they did a great job with it! They could do that song at that point or just simply have another written

re: Who Would Dig The Prince of Egypt on Broadway?  Jan 30 2007, 09:43:36 AM
I would personally love to see it on Broadway. I think it would be awesome!

It's funny tho that Val Kilmer was in the 10 Commandments in LA and he also did the voice of Moses/God in The Prince of Egypt....just sayin'!

Production Update  Jan 21 2007, 03:33:30 AM
Can I just say how much I loved Beth Malone's voice, especially in The Life I Led....I'm like....must have sheet music to! Hehe! I think the show is really cute and maintains the silly, cute essence of the movie. It does need to be tweaked. I really hated Dress to Kill, but I did like 'Lady in the Long Black Dress' those 3 guys sounded amazing together and I just love all the 70's references. I think it does need to be recast some, but I would def keep Beth Malone if possible, and

re: Bway Bound SHREK Hosts Open Call for Rock & HipHop Singers  Jan 13 2007, 10:11:14 PM
I think Jack Black would be too busy with his film work. I think he has some upcoming projects that he would be just too busy. But I could be wrong.

re: Kerry Butler to Star in Reprise! 'Baby' in L.A.  Jan 13 2007, 02:44:02 PM
Craig I totally agree, I think she can still do Lizzie. She still looks like she's in early 20's on stage IMO. I don't see her as a Pam at all. And yeah, it's a concert version anyway.

re: Bway Bound SHREK Hosts Open Call for Rock & HipHop Singers  Jan 13 2007, 02:38:43 PM
(sigh) why is this show happening? i mean really...

I am however interested in how the casting will be done for this show. And maybe it will end up being good, who knows? As of right now, I'm not so sure.

re: Neil Simon Plays  Jan 12 2007, 07:51:29 PM
You could edit a message you wrote and leave it blank....just sayin.

re: Reefer Madness Cast/Soundtrack Recording!  Jan 12 2007, 07:50:13 PM
Well that's good to hear that they are trying to get a movie cd recording out. It would so well since this show/movie has become a cult hit. Yay Dan!

re: David Alan Grier as Pseudolus in Forum?  Jan 12 2007, 07:14:34 PM
I would have LOVED to see Whoopi and Nathan in this. Especially Whoopi! I always find it interesting when they cast someone who is non-traditional and they pull it off really well. And I'm sure Whoopi did with her brilliant comedic timing. I have actually seen a girl do this role...but she didn't pull it off at all. I think it would be so much (especially for me!) to play this role!

re: Kerry Butler to Star in Reprise! 'Baby' in L.A.  Jan 12 2007, 07:05:41 PM
um I pretty much heart this show with all of my being! And I wish I can be in LA to see this! And Kerry will do a great job I'm sure!

re: The 10 Commandments on DVD  Jan 12 2007, 07:04:23 PM
"Maybe they can bring it to Broadway with Hasselhoff as Moses or the Burning Bush"

Um....that pretty much made my night. lol!!! I go with the Bush definetly!

re: Burt Bacharach's Daughter commits suicide...  Jan 10 2007, 12:52:34 PM
I know this is completely off topic but I just wanna clear things up about Asberger's, coming from someone who actually does have it.
The thing about having Asberger's syndrome is that it's very controllable in most cases. It is a form of autism but an extremely milder form. It makes it hard for someone with Asberger's to pick up on social cues, they often grow up with speech problems, odd behaviors,learning disadvantages etc. But most people withlead on to very normal lives. And of cou

re: German Cast Recordings  Jan 8 2007, 11:01:51 PM
Der Glockner von Notre Dame aka The Hunchback of Notre Dame (of the Disney variety) um....this cd pretty much rocks. Drew Sarich sounds amazing as Quasimodo. This show NEEDS to come to!!!

re: BatBoy Vocal Selections  Jan 8 2007, 10:57:38 PM
well that sucks. lol

re: Burt Bacharach's Daughter commits suicide...  Jan 8 2007, 10:56:36 PM
it's not off topic, she was an actress.

I'm so sad about this. I also have Asperger's Syndrome and it terrifies me that some people let this disorder lead them to a state of depression. It makes my life hard sometimes but I don't let it control my life either. It's just so unforunate that this kind of stuff happens everyday. The family is in my prayers.

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