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Posted: 12/3/05 at 2:31am
Hi all,

Quick question for any lawyers out there (or anyone else who might have an answer for meÖ). Iím a first-year law student, and I would love to eventually combine my passion for theater into my professional life. The entertainment law groups that Iím involved in focus so much on film and sports law but donít give much guidance regarding ďtheater law.Ē So, my basic question isówhatís out there for attorneys interested in working in the theater world? The first thing that came to my mind was Equity (Iím quite interested in employment law, and didnít know whether Equity had in-house counsel or how exactly their legal / contractual stuff was done).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information. While I love the theater, I have never worked in it and am thus somewhat ignorant about the professional world and how I might be able to fit in as an attorney.

Thanks again.