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Broadway galore in this week's PREMIERE MAGAZINE

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
PAGE 64: THE PRODUCERS mentioned as a dark horse for the BEST PICTURE Oscar this year.
PAGE 66: Matthew Broderick mentioned as a Front Runner for the BEST SUPP. ACTOR Oscar.
PAGE 66: Uma Thurman mentioned as a Front Runner for the BEST SUPP. ACTRESS Oscar.
PAGE 106: The "Holiday Movie Calendar" mentions RENT with a picture (the one of Adam, Jesse, Wilson, and Anthony on the subway during SANTA FE) and a small paragraph about the film itself in which they quote Chris Columbus to call Jonathan Larsons score "the best score (he's) ever heard".
PAGE 111: The "Holiday Movie Calendar" now mentions THE PRODUCERS (small paragraph and picture---the one of Nathan, Uma, and Matthew sitting on a sofa*?*)
PAGE 121: An ad for "The Razzle-Dazzle Edition" of the movie CHICAGO
PAGE 162-163: A large picture of Nathan and Matthew with an interview with them.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Producers previews do look really amazing! I think Idina should definetly be a front runner for supporting, and Rosario for leading.Just my opinion.
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