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How can a show extend if it hasn't sold?

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How can a show extend if it hasn't sold?#0
Posted: 11/8/05 at 8:14pm
I don't get how Latinologues can extend its run when it's making less than $70,000.00 a week. I grant you their running costs must be lower than most shows but, come on . . . how can they stay in business??
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Maybe they care more about the show and how it is reaching andaudience (no matter how small) than they care about how much moolah they're making.

Some people produce shows to get their voice heard--not just to make the big bucks.
Updated On: 11/8/05 at 08:15 PM
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I still don't see why this show's run was extended, it's making app. 35% attendance since it opened. According to the review, it does seem to fall in so many stereotypes, being Hispanic myself I didn't like some of the "jokes" the critic mentioned.
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