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New musical "Hot Feet" heads to Broadway

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New musical "Hot Feet" heads to Broadway#0
Posted: 11/8/05 at 7:57pm
It's not letting me read the whole article, but variety just posted this....
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Here's the whole article.

Hot Feet," a new tunertuner featuring music and lyrics by Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, dances onto Broadway April 15 for an April 30 opening.
Show will feature original songs as well as past hits such as "Shining Star" and "September." It marks the first major Broadway venture of financial services firm Transamerica, which is putting up the estimated $8 million-$10 million capitalization. (ConglomConglom, which used to own United Artists but got out of Hollywood in the 1980s, made its Rialto debut in 2004 as a last-minute backer of "Brooklyn.")

Maurice Hines, last on Broadway in 1986 with the short-lived "Uptown ... It's Hot!," conceived the show and will direct and choreograph.

Tuner tells the story of a young dancer with Broadway dreams who dons an enchanted and possibly sinister pair of red shoes. Book is by Heru Ptah, the scribe and spoken-word artist who made a splash in 2003 when MTV's book division picked up "A Hip Hop Story," the novel he self-published and sold successfully on the subway.

Rudy Durand, the producer spearheading a theatrical branding effort for Transamerica, has big plans besides "Feet." He's close to an agreement on a new musical based on "Flashdance," and also in the works are "In the Pocket," Cy Coleman's last tuner, plus a musical about Vincent Van Gogh.

"I'll have five shows on Broadway in a matter of 18 months," he pledged.

"Feet" will try out at the National Theater in Washington, D.C., March 18-April 9. It has yet to confirm a Gotham theater.

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