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Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Revival?  May 8 2020, 07:24:56 PM

StephieElise said: "Broadway is welcome to borrow Ainsley Melham again to play Molina. His performance in Melbourne last year was honestly one of the best I have ever seen from any actor in any medium. "

That Melbourne production was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen done by MTC. Dean Bryant should never be allowed to direct a musical ever again. Poor Caroline O’Connor who came out looking like a washed up drag queen who has seen better days. N

Ryan Murphy's HOLLYWOOD on Netflix  May 5 2020, 06:25:51 AM
The Variety review was brutal

Ryan Murphy's HOLLYWOOD on Netflix  May 3 2020, 02:59:13 AM

Ryan Murphy just needs to stop , he’s done nothing decent since that teen show with Mary Cherry 

Broadway NEEDS original EVITA...with no changes.  May 3 2020, 02:57:35 AM

Tina Arena was magnificent as Eva Peron in the Sydney Melbourne production last year, and agree 100 per cent with The Lady’s Got Potential. 

Victory Gardens' FUN HOME will stream online for two weeks  Apr 19 2020, 09:58:13 AM

LizzieCurry said: "I was planning to see Fun Home in both Washington DC and Melbourne this year, so I'm happy this stream is happening!"

Lizzie, you have most likely dodged a bullet by missing Fun Home in Melbourne , Dean Bryant direction on Kiss Of The Spiderwoman last year was beyond awful. I was looking forward to Fun Home but not helmed by him. 

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 7 2020, 08:14:57 PM

reNt is still one of the worst shows ever, if Larson hadn’t died it would never made it to Broadway or anywhere else.

Cyrano the musical back in the 90’s was well s h i t 

Act one of Wicked , awful awful awful . While act two is slightly better 

New McDonagh film  Mar 22 2020, 03:46:40 AM

I would rather have a film of The Pillowman 

Coronavirus: The Spring Season Scene Stealer  Feb 25 2020, 11:58:22 PM
The Australian production of Come From Away was due to do a Shanghai season after the Melbourne run, that was canned this morning. The Asian touring production of The Lion King has canned the next three stops ( Wuhan was one of them )
Matilda is still planning an opening in Singapore this week.

Idina Menzel a 'Go' for Funny Girl?  Jan 15 2020, 09:49:41 PM
I like how some posts got deleted and no one said anything that could be classed as slander.

Maybe this boards needs a list of who people who we can and cannot say anything critical about

Idina Menzel a 'Go' for Funny Girl?  Jan 15 2020, 09:49:40 PM
I like how some posts got deleted and no one said anything that could be classed as slander.

Maybe this boards needs a list of who people who we can and cannot say anything critical about

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 30 2019, 11:29:11 AM

I’m shocked that I enjoyed as much as I did. Parts of it where beyond awful ( Rebel Wilson ) but by the time it ended I was smiling.  Maybe going in thinking this will be the worst film of the year ( Sorry Charlie’s Angels you still hold that title ) 

Frozen 2  Dec 2 2019, 06:15:23 PM

Um wasn’t half the story borrowed from Luc Bensons “ The Fifth Element “‘ 

Original creative team reuniting for Opera Australia Secret Garden  Nov 24 2019, 04:23:25 AM
Worked on the original Australia production, watching Quast and Warlow singing Lilly’s eyes 8 times a week is something I’ll never forget. Can’t wait to see it again from the stalls this time.

THE INHERITANCE - Reviews  Nov 18 2019, 06:49:25 AM

BWAY Baby2 said: "I despise this era of everything seen through the prism of color- the show should be judged on its merits- period. I loved it."



THE LITTLE MERMAID LIVE! Discussion Thread  Nov 5 2019, 10:45:45 PM

Bettyboy72 said: "For those saying Latifah was great, I don’t get it. I feel the song was completely rushed, her diction was quiet and jumbled at times. She needed to slow down and take a few beats here and there. Camp it up and vampit up a bit. I was disappointed. She also doesn’t really have the money notes of that song."

She was beyond awful , couldn’t sing the song 

Cynthia Erivo EGOT  Nov 2 2019, 04:34:00 AM

She ain’t winning anything for Harriet, how that tedious lifetime movie ever got a cinema release is beyond me. 

MJ The Musical officially opening on Broadway Summer 2020  Oct 11 2019, 01:01:54 AM

I’m guessing “ Inappropriate Touching “ was taken as a name for this musical 

Sondheim in “Joker”  Oct 8 2019, 06:35:08 AM

A seriously dull semi over praised film 

Bella Bella previews  Oct 1 2019, 11:10:53 PM

Is anyone going to the first preview tonight ? Seems like there is no buzz on these boards about this show at all.

Ben Platt To Star In New Ryan Murphy Netflix Series  Sep 29 2019, 08:46:35 AM

Ben Platt acting is like watching paint dry, pointless. Sadly the most interesting character was River. 

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