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Crazy for You Sheet Music...?

Crazy for You Sheet Music...?#0
Posted: 10/25/03 at 9:51pm
Hey all,

Just a quick question for you: I'm really wanting to perform Bobby's 'I can't be bothered now' for an audition, and I see that there is sheet music selections available. For anyone on the board that owns this vocal selections book, is this song greatly chopped down from the OBC album of I cant be bothered, or does it have notation for some of the tap sequences.

If it DOES NOT have any music for the tap portion of the song in the vocal selections, is there a complete score available anywhere for purchase??

Any help would be most appreciated!!
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re: Crazy for You Sheet Music...?#1
Posted: 10/25/03 at 11:24pm
Well, I have a copy all the vocal selections from when I did the show 2 years ago and in it there are large rest breaks for when the taping would occur. It adds up tap 22 measure of rest but there written in smaller amounts together like 3, 1, 6. But it's not written in a way to tell you what the tapping beats should be if that's what you mean.

But I don't know if there is a a complete score available anywhere for purchase? I would tend to say there isn't one you might be able to find the song online but I don't know about all the music from the show.

Hope I helped a little
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