Today's Birthdays 8/6 - Lucille Ball, Billie Burke

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Leo Carrillo 08/06/1881 performer, IMHO wonderful character actor - MAGNOLIA; film's THE CISCO KID; 1943 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

Louella Parsons 08/06/1881 gossip & movie columnist - competed in print & radio w/nemesis Hedda Hopper

Billie Burke 08/06/1886 performer & Flo Ziegfeld's widdow - ANNIE DEAR; film's forever Glinda, the Good Witch in THE WIZARD OF OZ; TOPPER; DINNER AT 8

Guthrie McClintic 08/06/1893 Producer, Writer, Director, Performer, Estelle Winwood's ex & married to Katharine Cornell til his death - 1951 THE CONSTANT WIFE and orig DEAR LIAR (both with Katharine Cornell, Brian Aherne). He lived in Sneden's Landing, NY where the Cabaret Divissima (i.e. Diva X 100) Mabel Mercer also lived.

Franz Allers 08/06/1905 Musical Director, Conductor, Musical Staff - origs THE DAY BEFORE SPRING; BRIGADOON; HAPPY AS LARRY (Burges Meredith, Wm. Hogue, Gene Barry); PAINT YOUR WAGON (James Mitchell, Kay Medford); MY DARLIN' AIDA; PLAIN & FANCY (Barbara Cook); MY FAIR LADY; CAMELOT

Lucille Ball 08/06/1911 performer, Desi Arnaz's ex, Luci & Desi Arnaz's mom - WILDCAT (Valarie Harper, Jan Leighton, Keith Andes); tv's I LOVE LUCY; film's YOURS MINE & OURS; MAME

Charles Schnee 08/06/1916 writer - APOLOGY (Thelma Schnee, Elsa Landi, dir'd by Lee Strasberg)

Robert Mitchum 08/06/1917 performer - film's THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1 of the scarriest films for me); tv's THE WINDS OF WAR; IMHO What an actor!

Jackie Kelk 08/06/1923 performer - JUBILEE (Montgomery Clift(!), Robert Lewis(!), Mary Boland); ME & JULIET (Barbara Carrol [Cabaret & Jazz artist], Shirley MacLaine(!), Joan McCracken, Ray Walston)

Jack Elliott 08/06/1927 arranger - FIORELLO; TENDERLOIN; MR. PRESIDENT; SHE LOVES ME

Lois Nettleton 08/06/1929 performer - THE BIGGEST THIEF IN TOWN (by Dalton Trumbo); DARKNESS AT NOON (Claude Raines(!), Kim Hunter, Maurice Gosfield, Jack Palance(!)); GOD & KATE MURPHY (Larry Hagman, Faye Compton, [Carroll O'Connor, understudy for John McGiver]); SILENT NIGHT, LONELY NIGHT (Barbara Bel Geddes, Henry Fonda); THE WAYWARD STORK (Bob Cummings, Art Lund); THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED (Barry Bostwick(!), Louis Zorich (love this guy!); STRANGERS (Bruce Dern, Ellen Parker)

Paul Bartel 08/06/1938 writer, source material, director, performer - EATING RAOUL (1 of my fav. Off-Bway shows w/the wonderful Eddie Korbich, Susan Woods & Adrian Zmed. It's scarey how "Hot Monkey Love" sometimes wafts thru my brain)

Elizabeth Swain 08/06/1941 performer - CROWN MATRIMONIAL (Geo. Grizzard, Paddy, Croft, Enid Rodgers [If she's the same actress Enid Rodgers I know, this feisty lady, who must be well into her 90's & lives on the 5th Fl. of a 5 Fl. walk-up here in town & is still doin' fine)

Rusty Magee 08/06/1955 arranger, husband of Alison Fraser til his death - orig. HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES (Danny Aiello, Stockard Channing, Julie Hagerty, Swoozie Kurtz, John Mahoney, Ben Stiller)

Lisa Li 08/06/1966 performer - A LITTLE HOTEL ON THE SIDE (Rob Lowe, Tony Randall, Lynn Redgrave)

Shows which opened on August 06:

The Supporting Cast 08/06/1981 - by Geo. Furth, w/Sandi Dennis, Betty Garrett, Jack Gilford, Hope Lange, Joyce Van Patton, standby - Claiborne Cary [Cloris Leachman's sis & Cabaret Diva]


1926 Warner Brothers premiered its ''Vitaphone'' sound-on-disc movie system in New York

1947 Today's Variety announces John Garfield will star in the premiere production of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennesee Williams. But contractual demands rule him out, only to be replaced by a little-known newcomer, Marlon Brando. The rest is history.

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