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Broadway Legend
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Posted: 8/30/04 at 4:29pm
My boss’ 911-related novel was just published. When I read an early draft, I couldn’t help but think of it as excellent source material for a play. It’s a fictionalized account of a man who lost his wife & only child in the tragic events of 911 and seeks retribution from OBL personally. The protagonist and a band of other similarly affected men join forces to that end. Surprisingly the last draft I reviewed before publication was not at all Rambo-like but successful in putting a human face on 911. Honestly, I would have tossed it aside if it had any sort of political spin on it, because if there’s anything nearly as disconcerting as “terrorism” it’s the “politics of terrorism” spewing from both sides of the aisle right now. The author has lived in Saudi Arabia and is currently a principal in the US homeland security effort. Details at http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail.aspx?q3=5MM7mifZcGM%253d. If you decide to pick up a copy, please post your feedback here.
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