The Return of Jane Fonda in J-Lo's "Monster in Law"!!


Vartan - Fonda - J-LO!

Alias hunk Michael Vartan found auditions for his role as Jennifer Lopez's fiance in upcoming comedy Monster-In-Law more nerve wracking than usual - because J.Lo had to approve him before he could be cast. The French-born actor will star as Jane Fonda's son in the movie, which is scheduled to begin filming in Los Angeles next month, and waiting for Lopez's seal of approval was all too much for him to bear. He says, "She had just gotten off a plane from Miami and rushed from the LA airport to meet me. It was one of those situations where the director said I'd get the job as long as I didn't vomit on her shoes, because I was so nervous. But she made me feel so comfortable." Lopez approved and Vartan was cast that same night.