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it was only a matter of time...

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it was only a matter of time...#0
Posted: 4/16/04 at 8:06am
r.i.p. marco, my guardian angel. warming can manifest itself as heat, cool, precipitation, storms, drought, wind, or any other phenomenon, much like a shapeshifter. -- jim geraghty

pray to st. jude

i'm a sonic reducer

he was the gimmicky sort

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re: it was only a matter of time...#1
Posted: 4/16/04 at 8:24am
Oh papa, that is a great way to start the day! You know this isn't the first time the Onion was taken for a legitimate newspaper, once I was on a train to Philadelphia and a woman must of picked up a copy of the paper someone left in their seat, well, she was screaming about something she read to the point that a conductor had to calm her down.

All Hail the Onion!
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re: re: it was only a matter of time...#2
Posted: 4/16/04 at 8:33am
This is a great story and a nice way to start a Friday morning at work.
The Onion's writing is so good that one could easily mistake it for real. A freind once emailed a copy of one of their stories at a time when i had no idea what The Onion was. I was outraged at what I was reading having no idae it was a spoof.