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Sal Viviano

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Sal Viviano#0
Posted: 4/5/04 at 9:30pm
Has Sal Viviano been on Broadway lately. I remember seeing him in a National Tour of "Pirates of Penzanze" many, many moons ago and he was an absolutely wonderful (and extremely gorgeous) Frederick!

My friend and I were so taken with his performance that we went back two more times to see the show while it was in town. We were already in love with "Pirates" and knew all the lyrics and we sat there...near the front and just oogled him and sang along. However, we were cowardly college students and didn't dare try to meet him at the stage door. I rue that decision to this day.
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Updated On: 4/5/04 at 09:30 PM
re: Sal Viviano#1
Posted: 4/6/04 at 12:40am
I believe Sal is still in the cast of the Off-Broadway show GOLF: THE MUSICAL.

And I think his most recent Broadway appearance was in the replacement cast of THE FULL MONTY (in one of the smaller roles, not one of the six male leads.)

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