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When are they leaving??

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When are they leaving??#0
Posted: 4/5/04 at 5:44pm
Does anyone know if there are set dates for the original Wicked cast to be leaving? I want to go and see the show with the original cast, but I'm slightly broke and can't go this summer, I'll get there if I have to, just wanted some fair warning.

Why can't I live in New York?
Better yet, why can't Broadway be in California?!
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re: When are they leaving??#1
Posted: 4/5/04 at 6:23pm
Because it's too hot in California. And besides, Broadway is a New York staple, without it New York would not be.......New York. Most of the cast probably singed 1 year contracts. The stars will probably leave at the end of september or October. I think Idina has another project lines up, so she will leave at the end of her one year contract. No official dates have been "announced" but that is usually what occurs. I would say to be safe and sure to see both of the original leads, you better go by the end of the summer.
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