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Drag Race Canada Season 2

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 8/14/05

Drag Race Canada Season 2

Posted: 10/15/21 at 1:05pm

Anyone else watch on Wow? I find this whole crop of queens very underwhelming. No one really stood out. If I had to guess a winner it'll be one of the "Brat Pack" girls as they seem the most polished. 

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 6/20/12

Drag Race Canada Season 2

Posted: 10/15/21 at 1:25pm

I don't like a single one of these queens. I enjoyed Stephanie Prince's Jollibee entrance look so she's the only one I'm interested in. These queens truly seem like lesser versions of ones that already exist. 

"Pardon my prior Mcfee slip. I know how to spell her name. I just don't know how to type it." -Talulah
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Drag Race Canada Season 2

Posted: 10/15/21 at 2:12pm
"I hope your Fanny is bigger than my Peter." Mary Martin to Ezio Pinza opening night of Fanny.