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Roundabout Theatre's Refocus Project

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Roundabout Theatre's Refocus Project

Posted: 5/2/21 at 11:53am

From the Roundabout site: "Beginning April 30, the first year of The Refocus Project will spotlight twentieth-century Black plays and their playwrights. A diverse panel of readers, consuming dozens of plays, chose several for readings and many more to be highlighted through the additional resources."

All of the streamed plays are free. 

Home: April 30- May 3

Rachel May 4-7

I Gotta Home May 7-10

Spunk May 14-17

WIne in the Wilderness May 21-24

More information here Refocus Project: Schedule and Tickets


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Broadway Legend | Joined: 12/18/07

Roundabout Theatre's Refocus Project

Posted: 5/3/21 at 3:55am

 I watched HOME. What a gem that should be done often.