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Ok, NYers, best place to mail order...

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Ok, NYers, best place to mail order...#1
Posted: 12/20/20 at 11:07am

Corned beef?!   My very northeastern and Jewish parents moved to Mississippi.  Their birthdays are only a few weeks apart (so this isn't a holiday gift) so I usually send them some kind of food present.

This year they have requested corned beef and rye bread.  Just wanted to see if any locals had a place they would reccommend!  Goldbelly has so many delis listed, it's hard to make a choice - and I usually go to the source to check on prices for the items and for shipping too.

Thanks in advance!

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Jordan Catalano
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Broadway Legend
Ok, NYers, best place to mail order...#2
Posted: 12/20/20 at 11:37am
Zabars has all that available for mail order. Ok, NYers, best place to mail order...
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Ok, NYers, best place to mail order...#3
Posted: 12/20/20 at 11:55am

Have been seeing Katz's Deli a lot in my feed.

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Sutton Ross
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Ok, NYers, best place to mail order...#4
Posted: 12/20/20 at 1:22pm

Less well known by tourists is Sarge's which is superior in every way.