Michael Musto vs. Family Research Council on CNN

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I missed the beginning, but this is fairly entertaining. Genevieve Wood, representing The Family Research Council ("defending faith, family and freedom"), actually said a couple of things with which I agree (ie that the half time show was basically trashy) before she shot past and totally alienated me enough to almost make me want to run out and buy Janet's new CD. Michael M, took the "what's the big deal..." approach. No middle ground to be found, to no one's surprise. BTW...check out the Family Research Council's website. Scary group masquerading as average Americans...

Now, I couldn't care less about (non-sleazy) nudity; and hell, I don't much care about sleazy nudity either when its in an appropriate venue. The naked body...anyone's.. doesn't bother me and never went out of my way to shield my kids from it. But I was offended by the "event" and I'm even more annoyed by the aftermath, and I haven't been able to adequately articulate (even to myself) why....but it has something to do with the stupidity of performers resorting to a stunt like that. The ripping off of clothing as titillation, so to speak, for the masses for the purpose of what? Selling CD? Re-upping celebrity? It was unnecessily gratuitous sleaze, and I guess that's what bothers me. But what irks me the most is finding that I have similar gut level responses (although for different reasons) as people, like Ms. Wood, who's basic reason d'etre I loathe. And that truly offends me.
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